Financial Information 

Tuition and Institutional Fees (2018-2019):

Diploma in Education $100 Diploma Students $250 Accident Insurance $30 Masters Level $1,755
Graduate Level $100 Undergraduate Students $500 Technology Fee $150 Undergraduate Level 3-4 $555
Undergraduate Level $50 Graduate Students $750 Lab Fee (Per Course) $200 Undergraduate Level 1-2 $450
Diploma Programmes $50 International Students $1000 Transcript Fee $25 Diploma in Education $475
Orientation Fee $100 Diploma (per semester) $910
Graduation Fee $400
Replacement Diploma $150
Course Drop/Add Fee $20
Late Registration Fee $75
Late Payment Fee $75
Student ID Card $30

Student Insurance:

Included in the college fees, is basic insurance coverage for accident and injury. However, CARICOM and international students are also required to secure additional insurance to cover medical expenses.

All students of Cherub College are required to pay an annual insurance fee of $30.00. Completed student insurance forms must be submitted to the College at the beginning of the first semester in which students register for the academic year. Coverage is restricted to students who are between ages 16-65. 

Methods of Payment:

The College accepts the following methods of payment: Cash, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Certified Bank/Managers Check.

Institutional fees are non-refundable. Students who officially withdraw from the College may be eligible for a refund of tuition fees in accordance with the schedule outlined in the Academic Calendar.