About the School of Social Sciences:

The School of Social Sciences at Cherub College is the newest addition to our academic schools. The School focuses on the different ways that people think and act in society. As social scientists, we seek to uncover facts about the social world. Cherub’s School of Education is a diverse scholarly community that aims to transform education through the preparation of the best educational leaders, researchers and teachers in the region. Our Mission is to prepare outstanding professionals who are committed to serving the needs of students through learning, research and improved practices in the field of education.  Our programmes are prepared to ensure maximum effectiveness. As a small institution, the School of Education cultivates a strong sense of community.

Mission of the School of Social Sciences:

The School of Social Sciences mission is to blend service, research and teaching in a perfect cohesion to ensure unique and innovative study programmes while encouraging community outreach, scholarship and service.

Values of the School of Social Sciences:

Our Mission guides our teaching, research, service and administration. We value:

1. Research and Innovation

2. Educating Leaders and Creating World Citizens

3. Critical Skills

Dean of the School of Social Sciences:

Vivien Bain, Ph.D.  -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Programmes in the School of Social Sciences:

Cherub College's School of Social Sciences offers the following diploma and degree programmes:

Undergraduate Programmes: Graduate Programmes:  
BA in Psychology MA in Psychology