School of Communications

The School of Communications at Cherub College brings together students, faculty and staff to create a vibrant learning environment that has propelled it to offer an innovative and exciting degree programme in communications. Students encounter a curriculum that is challenging while being immersed in a professional setting, all under the mentorship and guidance of teacher-scholars who possess numerous years of experience in news, interactive media, television, public relations, advertising, web design, screenwriting, film production, photo journalism and sports management.

Mission of the School of Communications:

The School of Communications at Cherub College aims to produce students who possess the essential communications skills, are critical, artistic, and reflective members of the community.

Values of the School of Communications:

Our Mission guides our teaching, research, service and administration. We value: 

  • Freedom of Expression
  • Local, Regional and International Diversity
  • Accuracy, Truth and Fairness
  • The Role of Media in Society
  • Ethical Practices

Dean of the School of Communications:

Currently Vacant ~ Awaiting Appointment

Recognition and Accreditation:

All programmes currently offered by the School of Communications are registered by the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of the Bahamas (NAECOB).

Programmes in the School of Communications: