Scholarships and Financial Aid

Please note that the deadline for Summer and Fall 2019 Financial Aid has passed. No new applications will be accepted until the new application period commences on October 4th, 2019. 

The College provides a Need-Based Financial Aid Scholarship Programme which is intended to assist students who would otherwise be unable to pursue a college degree due to a lack of funding. Awards can range from full-tuition to partial-tuition scholarships. The Need-Based Financial Aid does not cover fees, books and supplies. Students may make application prior to applying or at anytime after acceptance.

Application for Need-Based Financial Aid

In addition to the Need-Based Financial Aid the College operates two invitation-only scholarship programmes; the National Workforce Education Scholarship Programme and the Outstanding High School Scholars Programme (Public and Private). Eligible candidates are sought out from eligible employers and high schools and it is not possible to apply directly without having been invited.

The Government of the Bahamas through the Ministry of Education also maintains and operates a Scholarship and Loan Division. Students may reach out to the Division directly via their website,