Mission, Aim and Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Cherub College as a private, not-for-profit institution is to offer a diverse array of innovative higher education programmes that will enable students to excel in their professions while actively engaging with the community at-large. Cherub College provides a diverse learning environment that is accessible. Our programmes aim to develop global students. The College is dedicated to providing our students with exceptional academics and support. 


Cherub College aims to create leaders of the 21st Century by advancing an American liberal arts education that promotes excellence in teaching and scholarly research. 


1.) Integrity - We believe that integrity should be the cornerstone of everything that we do. 

2.) Innovation - We believe that in order to change the world, we must innovate. 

3.) Diversity - We believe that the beauty of different opinions is important for the human race. 

4.) Lifelong Learning - We believe that learning is a daily experience that lasts a lifetime. 

5.) Service to Others - We believe that is imperative to care for society as a whole. 

6.) Teamwork - We believe that success requires working together with others.

7.) Excellence - We will pursue and accept only excellence in all things.