International Partners

Cherub College works closely with in excess of 50 schools around the world. Our partnership outreach has seen us collaborating with institutions across all 6 inhabited continents. We carefully select our partners based on their academic excellence and reputation. We also maintain key relationships with the University of Latvia (Riga, Latvia), and Regents University London (London, England; U.K.). 

Our International Partners:

University of Latvia (Memorandum of Understanding, Articulation Agreement, Joint Programmes Agreement, Student/Faculty Exchange)

Regents University London (Memorandum of Understanding, Articulation Agreement)

University of Phoenix (Articulation Agreement)

Ryerson University (Articulation Agreement, Student/Faculty Exchange)

University of Strasbourg (Memorandum of Understanding, Articulation Agreement, Student/Faculty Exchange)

University of Hagen (Memorandum of Understanding)

Fudan University (Memorandum of Understanding)

Kansai University (Memorandum of Understanding)