The Board of Fellows



By our by-laws, Cherub College is governed by a board officially known as The President and Fellows of Cherub College. Through its efforts, the Board performs the essential roles ordinarily associated with a board of trustees, while helping to shape the College's agenda, inquiring into the quality and progress of its activities, and assuring that Cherub College remains true to its mission. The Board of Fellows exercises fiduciary responsibility regarding the College's academic, financial, and physical resources and overall well-being. It consists of the Chair of the Board, the President, the Secretary, and other members known as Fellows. The Board is composed of seven fellows (members) and is currently in the process of elaborating its committee structure, considering reforms adopted by the Board in January 2016. The Board engages with both questions of long-range strategy, policy, and planning as well as transactional matters of unusual consequence. It serves as a confidential sounding board for the President on matters of importance; meets with deans, vice presidents, and others from time-to-time to discuss a wide array of programmes and plans; and is responsible for approving the College's budget, major capital projects, endowment spending, tuition changes, and other matters. Drawing on the wide-ranging experience and expertise of its members, the Board exerts a broad influence over the College's strategic directions, provides counsel to the College leadership on priorities and plans, and has the power of consent and veto to all major actions of the President and his Administration.

Executive Chairman of the Board ~ 2019 to 2022

 The Honourable Dr. Joan King

The Honorable Joan King, Ph.D., Executive Chairman

Board Members ~ 2019 to 2022

The Honorable Peter David, Deputy Executive Chairman

Mrs. Paula Lloyd, Deputy Executive Chairman

Ms. Lydia Adams, Secretary

Mrs. Albertha Higgs, Member

Dr. Cynthia Nixon, Member

Mr. Ricardo Pratt, Member

Mrs. Natalia Caruthers, Member

Mr. Dmitry Zatravkin, Member

Mr. Clarence King, Member

Ms. Dianne Deane, Member

Ms. Jennifer Christie, Member

Dr. Kevin Cavendish, ex-officio as President