At Cherub College, we believe that you should get a greater return on your investment in education than simply learning accounting basics, mastering the periodic table or knowing the circulatory system. Although we agree that those are important, we believe that education should expand your intellectual engine, tickle your emotions and give you a constructive framework to positively question the status quo. We think your education should propel you forward into action for making the world a better place.

As if choosing a school isn't already daunting enough, you then have to choose a programme of study. At Cherub, we understand that is a major decision and we don't take it lightly. We don't want to pigeonhole you either. That's why there is maximum flexibility built into our programmes and how they work. You can even design your study-path to have maximum effect.

While working towards your degree, our liberal arts education provides you with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of topics. Liberal arts students develop critical thinking, problem solving and top-notch communication skills, which are the skills employers value most - even more than a specific major.

At Cherub, learning is not a solitary activity. It is a cooperative venture. We have many people and resources available to help you through your educational journey. Each student works closely along with a faculty advisor that will meet with you regularly to help you to reach your ambitions. For research and study assistance, our library staff are there to help.