About Cherub

Cherub College is a privately owned non-profit liberal arts college. As a liberal arts college, Cherub focuses on developing the person as a whole through education in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. In requiring our students to learn in several disciplines, a liberal arts education produces graduates who are aware, perceptive, critical, and creative. It also gives students the tools that they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Cherub College was founded in 1999 on the island of New Providence, in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The college's founder, the Honorable Dr. Joan Rolle-King, who also served as the institution's first President, returned to the Bahamas recognizing the need for a liberal arts higher education to serve the needs of Bahamian students. The main viable option at the time was the state-owned College of the Bahamas. As such, Cherub was founded. Since it's founding, and three Presidents' later, the institution has flourished as the premier private tertiary level institution in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. 

Academic Excellence

Cherub College values its heritage, just as we value the diversity of our students, staff, and faculty, who hail from many backgrounds, faiths and heritages. 

The college strives to make Cherub affordable for all students through the offering of scholarships, need-based aid, work-study, and loan programs. 

Cherub College offers a myriad of programs in 6 faculties leading to Associate, Bachelor and Master's degrees. The college's learning philosophy highlights connections between disciplines. Its thoughtful and rigorous curriculum moves beyond immediate interests toward engagement in the larger world. This approach to education helps Cherub earn its inclusion in the top tier of educational programs in the region. Our graduates have earned numerous awards and Postgraduate scholarships. 

Passionate Faculty

Cherub's faculty is committed to their areas of expertise and over 90 percent of them hold the most advanced degree in their respective fields. Because the majority of our faculty are tenured or tenure-track and have earned a permanent position here, they're also committed to Cherub. This means that Cherub students receive an education from qualified professors who are passionate about what they teach and fully invested in the college and its students. 

A student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1 gives students an exceptional classroom experience, and Cherub's faculty also mentor students, act as advisers, and learn and research in collaboration with students. 

Learning Away From The Classroom

Cherub values learning beyond the classroom. Internships, externships, and opportunities to collaborate with the faculty on research are vital components of a Cherub education - and they help test career goals and build résumés. This experiential learning contributes to the stellar career outcomes and postsecondary education rates of Cherub graduates. 

Study-away experiences are another way that students learn beyond the classroom, and they're key to the global perspective that Cherub promotes. Each year, Cherub students study abroad. Many undergraduates take advantage of study-away opportunities during the January Term, a three-week period between semesters that allows students to study a particular subject in depth. 

An Open-Door Culture

An open-door culture is part of the Cherub ethos. Faculty and staff are enthusiastic, accessible, and focused on student success. Cherub professors enjoy being a part of the community.

An Active Student Body

Cherub's students are highly engaged in campus life. Almost 25 percent of them compete in one or more of the college's sports programs. 

Many students participate in the school's choirs, bands, orchestras, jazz bands, and numerous smaller ensembles, all of which combine to form an acclaimed collegiate music program. 

Student involvement, a Cherub hallmark, is also evident in our student organizations, including a campus gazette, as well as several service and honor societies. 

Sustainable Practices

Cherub takes seriously its mission to be good stewards of the resources around us. Green operations, partnerships with local businesses, and academic courses that incorporate sustainability have earned us a number of awards and commendations. 

Experience Cherub

The best way to learn about Cherub is to visit in person and get a firsthand look at how you might fit into the Cherub community.